Emergency Support Service volunteers hard at work

Building healthy and cohesive communities is an essential part of the programs and services offered by the Regional District of Okanagan-Similkameen (RDOS). Their volunteers pay a critical role in making this possible.

In 2020, RDOS launched its volunteer program. The RDOS Recreation department saw the importance of being intentional with volunteers and believed that without a formal program, that volunteers would be the ones to miss out. With a formal volunteer program in place, areas such as recognition, budget, policy, training and overall advocacy for volunteers would help volunteerism flourish in the community.  

Volunteerism and a strong sense of community go hand-in-hand, especially in smaller communities. The RDOS has been fortunate to have such a diverse and passionate volunteer base for many years. 

The RDOS offers a variety of inclusive volunteer opportunities within areas such as parks & recreation, emergency management, committees, community champions, and the Young Leaders’ Program.

Young Leaders program participants (left), local volunteer leading a karate program (right)

Volunteering allows you to connect with your community while sharing your skills, supporting others and having fun. In addition to contributing time and expertise, there are many other benefits including gaining valuable work experience, expanding your social networks and staying physically and mentally active. 


Volunteerism also promotes a sense of belonging and even increases happiness levels. Visit the RDOS YouTube channel to watch the new volunteer video.


To get involved with RDOS, begin by completing the online application form here: Volunteer Opportunities | RDOS.

For more volunteer opportunities, check out Volunteer Now on our website for all the latest postings and information.

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