Volunteer BC PRograms

Volunteer BC has several program areas, which we constantly expand and look for opportunities to support volunteerism in the province. These programs are for anyone interested in volunteerism or learning more about the voluntary sector.

Volunteer Engagement & Participation Program

  • National Volunteer Week Activities: A time to celebrate and thank BC’s volunteers. Our annual photo contest showcases volunteers and helps tell the story of the importance of volunteers in BC.
  • Volunteer Engagement Handbooks: We developed a series of handbooks called Community Connections found under our Resources Section. They include information on the rights and responsibilities of a volunteer, latest tools/resources on volunteer engagement, skills needed to be a great volunteer, and health benefits of volunteering. If you are interested in starting a volunteer centre in your community, get in touch.

  • Volunteer Futures Conference: Annual 2-day event with inspiring keynote addresses, practical workshops and opportunities to network. Anyone interested in learning about volunteerism is welcome to attend.
  • Training: Delivers and hosts workshops and seminars on a variety of topics across the province. We offer a mix of in-person “road shows” and online webinars. 
  • Culturally Welcoming Volunteer Program: Program benefits new immigrants by finding ways to be engaged in their community, learn new skills, gain “Canadian” experience and help improve the quality of life in their community more effectively.
  • Provincial Training Calendar: Listing of educational opportunities for anyone who is interested in learning more about volunteering and volunteer training in BC. Find a training event or post one.

Information & Communications Program

  • Member and General Public Communications: Our Connector newsletter offers the latest news on volunteerism and up to date news on broader voluntary sector info such as education, training and funding.
  • Website and Online Resources: manage and maintain an extensive website of information and resources on volunteerism, including, a provincial education calendar, volunteering and an online resource library.