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Left: KCR volunteers Suzie and Tiffany at the Festivals Kelowna Canada Day celebrations.
Right: Selfie on #KCR150 anyone? KCR volunteers Ellen, Micah, and Stephanie at the Festivals Kelowna Canada Day celebrations.


As a social agency passionately committed to empowering individuals through services and training, KCR believes that a community is made stronger through the work of others. KCR is a not for profit agency that provides tailored service to meet the needs of the community, family or the individual to foster diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Dawn Wilkinson, KCR’s Community Services Manager some questions about how KCR contributes to the community.

Which community does your volunteer centre work with?

KCR: We serve the Central Okanagan region which includes Peachland, West Kelowna, and Lake Country areas.

What is your role as a volunteer centre?

KCR: KCR Community resources offers a variety of diverse programs within our four departments: Family, Immigrant, Employment, and Community Services. The Community Services department champions volunteering, hosts learning opportunities, and provides a gateway to community information online, and also by email, telephone, and in-person.

What programs and support do you provide to volunteers in your area?

KCR: We champion volunteering in a variety of different ways. This includes promoting volunteer opportunities, organizing the annual Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair, and producing a free annual Get Involved magazine about volunteering and volunteer opportunities. KCR also speaks to groups about volunteering, connects with the media, participates as a volunteer centre leader with Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada, and lead a Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge in their region. Some of the learning opportunities KCR hosts include a four-day Overview of Volunteer Management course, monthly lunch hour Nourishing Managers of Volunteers sessions, and topical workshops throughout the year.

How did your organization celebrate Canada’s 150 celebration?

KCR: We have participated in the national Advisory Committee in the planning of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge and lead our own challenge in our region. We also organized media spots through local newspapers, radio, television, and social media, and provided volunteer recognition materials for non-profits. Kelowna also succeeded in being the leading nation for the first six months of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge.

What does Canada’s 150 celebration mean to you?

KCR: The cumulative effect of celebrating Canada’s 150 stimulates a deeply felt appreciation for being born Canadian. It’s a time to reflect upon and embrace our national culture. Many additional opportunities exist for engaging in wholesome activities that improve individual, family, and community growth and development. Canada’s 150th means being engaged and engaging with others.