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Charity, Corporation or Co-operative? Choose The Best For Your Project.

January 28 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am

You know WHAT you want to do for your community, but let’s talk about choosing the best format, the “HOW”. Will you use a for-profit format such as a sole-proprietorship or corporation? Would a charity be the best vehicle? Do you just want to do the work with no structure (and no legal protection)? Have you thought about the co-op structure, whether for-profit or not-for-profit? In the first workshops we will look at each of the options, its advantages and challenges.

You will gain an introductory understanding of:

1. the different forms of legal organization (informal, society, sole proprietorship, corporation, co-operative) through which we can undertake activities for the benefit of our communities

2. the legal and administrative advantages and disadvantages of each form

3. the range of work undertaken by co-operatives in and beyond our community

4. examples of the range of possibilities through which co-operatives work with other forms of organization

5. the international application of the Co-op Identity as stated by the International Co-operative Alliance


Volunteer Victoria 306-620 View Street Victoria, British Columbia V8W1J6

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