List of educational opportunities for anyone who is interested in learning more about volunteering and volunteer training in BC.

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Volunteers and Social Isolation during COVID-19

In addition to contributing to the community, research has shown that volunteers also benefit from their volunteering. They feel connected to their community, feel a sense of belonging, develop new social connections, and feel empowered to take action to address community needs. For some volunteers, the pandemic has meant stepping back from volunteering and those […]

2021 National Forum – Revitalize

May 19 * 4 - 5:30pm Pacific/ 7-8:30pm Eastern - Welcome Reception May 20 * 9am - 1pm Pacific/ 12pm - 4pm Eastern - National Forum **You must be a current member of Volunteer Management Professionals of Canada (VMPC) as of May 15, 2021 in order to attend this event.** If you are a non-member, […]

TechSoup: Getting the Most Out of Office 365 & Tips on Making It Work Better

Virtual Session

Jake Shifrin of Integritek will share insights about how you and your nonprofit can get the most out of Office 365 and more! #NPTechClubATX is managed by a group of committed Central Texas volunteers, free of charge as a public service. We invite people of all backgrounds and skill levels. Meetings are free and open to all. We […]

Small Nonprofit Executive Directors Chat with TechSoup

Virtual Session

This ED Chat is for small nonprofits with budgets of $100,000 or less. Nonprofits share common issues with fundraising, board development, budget development, etc., that can threaten the success of their organization.

Networking for Non-profits Meeting

Networking for Non-profits Meeting Date: May 26, 2021 (Wednesday) Time: 12PM-1PM Facilitators: Cari Moore, ED Volunteer Frazer Valley, Chilliwack Museum Administrator Carly Koeppen, RN, BSN Topic: Burn out You will not want to miss this one! Burn Out This topic has been around for decades. It is defiantly an area that has taken on the […]

Volunteer Victoria: Help! My Volunteers Are Experiencing Burnout

Virtual Session

Helpful strategies to eliminate volunteer burnout so your volunteers can remain fully engaged and happy in your organization. About this event Ask a busy volunteer to help and they will likely say yes. In fact, out of your entire volunteer team, there might be that small percentage who carry out the bulk of the work. […]

Canada Helps: Innovating Forward: Leveraging New Giving Behaviours for Nonprofit Success

Virtual Session

The world is in transition right now and the pandemic continues to have huge impacts on charitable giving. With disruption, though, comes innovation and the folks over at CanadaHelps have been lucky enough to witness innovation in the fundraising space first hand. Join CanadaHelps as they walk us though some of the key takeaways from […]

Volunteer Victoria: Planning Social Media Content

Virtual Session

Time management, task management, getting organized -- yes this all applies to social media as well in order to enhance effectiveness. About this event Is your social media presence consistent? One way to get on the right tract is by using a 'content calendar' and planning your posts in advance! In this one hour interactive […]

FCSSBC & Volunteer BC Volunteer Management Webinar: Volunteer Management with a Pandemic Lens

Virtual Session

This webinar, offered in partnership with Volunteer BC, will give a brief overview of how organizations can plan their volunteer programs to meet new and emerging community needs. It will also take into account the impact of the pandemic and how COVID-19 has affected the planning of volunteer programs and the recruitment, engagement, and retention of volunteers.

Volunteer Victoria: Public Speaking Skills

Virtual Session

An interactive and enjoyable workshop that will help you to become a more confident public speaker! About this event This workshop is full of easy, practical, FUN exercises designed to boost your public speaking skills for both in-person presentations, as well as virtual presentations.   This workshop will help you tell the story of your […]