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Want to start your year off right? Help your community with some great New Years’ resolutions that will get you involved in volunteering. Here at Volunteer BC we’ve got you covered with an easy list of resolutions to get you started.

1. Find your local volunteer centre and how they help your community.

Volunteer Centres are an essential part of your community and it’s important to know how they help you and your region. Each volunteer centre is unique to your community and is focused on promoting volunteering, offering lots of resources and up-to-date volunteer opportunities. If you’re looking for some local volunteer opportunities or community work to start your year, Volunteer Centres are the place to start!

To find your local Volunteer Centre check Volunteer BC’s Volunteer Centre Network.

To learn even more about Volunteer Centres and what they can do for you, download this Factsheet.

2. Find a volunteer position that works for you!

To find your perfect volunteer position check out Volunteer BC’s platform:  Volunteer Now a one-stop shop for all your volunteering needs. This platform allows you to search and apply for multiple positions all in one place, and you can also filter based on location, position type and more!

Volunteer Now is completely FREE for volunteers. Simply make an account and start looking for a position that interests you. 

3. Venture outside your comfort zone!

There is no better time to venture out of your norm and try something new than at the beginning of the year! If you do not have a local volunteer centre there are many online options for finding new ways to help your community!

Check out these posting boards: Volunteer Connector, Charity Village,  iVolunteer or Craigslist. Schools, colleges and universities often have volunteer posting boards. The Pan-Canadian Volunteer Matching Platform works in collaboration with Volunteer Centres nationwide in order to provide over 75,000 volunteer opportunities.

4. Update your skills and learn something new!

Another great New Year’s resolution is to add new skills to your repertoire and nothing is better than also learning at the same time!

Volunteer BC hosts a training calendar which shows opportunities to upgrade your skills. New opportunities are also posted on our social accounts. Follow us now on:  Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

This training will allow you to learn more about volunteering and the non-profit sector while also gaining valuable and applicable skills. 

Want even more detailed info on volunteering? Visit our Volunteer Resource page and download our detailed – I Want To Volunteer Handbook – interactive step-by-step guide on how to go about finding that perfect volunteer position. 

5. Get your own individualized Volunteer BC account!

A Volunteer BC Individual Membership is another great resolution to set for the new year. A membership is a great way to show your support to Volunteer BC as well as receive excellent benefits that will help you on your journey to being your best self in 2023. 

As a member, you receive our member’s only newsletter with monthly updates on volunteer centres, and new and upcoming positions. Sign-up now.

Volunteering is a great way to add meaning to your life, and there is no better time to start than the New Year! By adding these 5 resolutions to your New Year’s list, you’ll be all set to learn new skills, make new friendships, and help make your community better 

If you ever have any questions, please reach out to your local volunteer centre or Volunteer BC