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Your Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Direct Mail Appeals That Motivate Donors to Give and Give Again

January 17 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm


This webinar will lead you step by step through the creation of a powerful and effective direct mail appeal. From concept to writing, design, to printing and mailing — you’ll master the elements of success in direct mail fundraising.

During this Webinar You’ll learn:

  • How to create a reply coupon that sweeps in donations like a magic vacuum cleaner

    • The amazing first step to your appeal letter project that will save hours of time and dramatically improve results.

    • How to craft a motivating fundraising offer: The most important thing you do in every piece of fundraising

    • Three important tactics that improve response rates

    • How to keep the bureaucratic requirements from gumming up the works

  • How to write an appeal letter that your donors will read, understand, and enthusiastically respond to

    • The most-read passage of every fundraising letter (it’s not the passage you think!)

    • The proven writing style that wins over donors

      • 7 secrets to winning style

      • 2 things to avoid like poison ivy!

    • How to make sure every reader gets the point

    • One weird truth about fundraising writing that only the pros know

  • How to make an outer envelope that virtually commands people to open it

    • The super-common envelope approach to avoid that kills response rates

    • Two diametrically opposite envelope tactics that both work

    • The power of variety, and how to harness it affordably

  • How to write the rest of the direct mail package that brings it all together

    • What not to put in the package if you want people to respond

    • Some cool insert ideas that boost response

    • How to make the return envelope really do its job

This is  a masterclass on the art of direct mail fundraising, based on decades in the trenches and hundreds of head-to-head direct response tests … a decades-long learning curve that you can climb in just 90 minutes.