5 Easy Ways to Start Volunteering

5 Easy Ways to Start Volunteering

Are you a volunteer having a little trouble finding a position? Or a seasoned volunteer looking for a change? Volunteer BC is here to help. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be on your way to finding your ideal volunteer position!

1. Start with your Local Volunteer Centre

Volunteer Centres are your number one asset as a volunteer and the best place to start to find a position. Centres are focused on promoting volunteering in the community and offer lots of resources and up-to-date volunteer opportunities in your community. Each volunteer centre is unique to your community. They host volunteer fairs, volunteer training and listings of volunteer roles.  

To find your Volunteer Centre check Volunteer BC’s Volunteer Centre Network  

To learn even more about Volunteer Centres and what they can do for you, download this Factsheet.

2. Volunteer BC’s - Volunteer Now

Volunteer Now is your one-stop shop for volunteering. This platform allows you to search and apply for multiple positions all in one place. 

Volunteer Now is maintained by Volunteer BC and is completely FREE for volunteers. Simply make an account and start looking for a position that interests you.

3. Other Volunteer Matching Platforms

If you do not have a local volunteer centre check out other online volunteer posting boards: Volunteer Connector, Charity Village,  iVolunteer or Craigslist, DoSome Good. Schools, colleges and universities often have volunteer posting boards. The Pan-Canadian Volunteer Matching Platform works in collaboration with Volunteer Centres nationwide in order to provide over 75,000 volunteer opportunities.  Contact organizations you like directly to see if they have positions available.

4. Check out our Training and Resources

Volunteer BC also offers access to a training and workshop calendar. Our website is updated daily with new opportunities which we also post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our training calendar shows month-by-month opportunities which are updated as soon as new sessions become available. 

This training will allow you to learn more about volunteering and the non-profit sector. It is very helpful when starting a new volunteer position on what the expectations are. 

Want even more detailed info on volunteering? Download our detailed – I Want To Volunteer Handbook. This interactive guide is a step-by-step guide on how to go about finding that perfect volunteer position.

5. Volunteer Memberships

A Volunteer BC Individual Membership is another great way to get involved with volunteering. As a member, you receive our member’s only newsletter with monthly updates on volunteer centres, and new and upcoming positions. A membership is a great way to show your support to Volunteer BC and still receive amazing benefits that will help you on your journey to being your best volunteering self. Sign-up here.

Final Notes

Volunteering adds meaning in many ways, through learning new skills, making new friendships, and making our community a better place to live. By following these simple steps you will be able to find the ideal volunteer position. 

If you ever have any questions don’t be afraid to reach out to your local volunteer centre or us Volunteer BC.

Volunteer Centre Highlight: Kelowna Community Resources (KCR)

Volunteer Centre Highlight: Kelowna Community Resources (KCR)

rsz_kcr1      rsz_kcr2

Left: KCR volunteers Suzie and Tiffany at the Festivals Kelowna Canada Day celebrations.
Right: Selfie on #KCR150 anyone? KCR volunteers Ellen, Micah, and Stephanie at the Festivals Kelowna Canada Day celebrations.


As a social agency passionately committed to empowering individuals through services and training, KCR believes that a community is made stronger through the work of others. KCR is a not for profit agency that provides tailored service to meet the needs of the community, family or the individual to foster diversity, collaboration and resourcefulness.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Dawn Wilkinson, KCR’s Community Services Manager some questions about how KCR contributes to the community.

Which community does your volunteer centre work with?

KCR: We serve the Central Okanagan region which includes Peachland, West Kelowna, and Lake Country areas.

What is your role as a volunteer centre?

KCR: KCR Community resources offers a variety of diverse programs within our four departments: Family, Immigrant, Employment, and Community Services. The Community Services department champions volunteering, hosts learning opportunities, and provides a gateway to community information online, and also by email, telephone, and in-person.

What programs and support do you provide to volunteers in your area?

KCR: We champion volunteering in a variety of different ways. This includes promoting volunteer opportunities, organizing the annual Okanagan Volunteer Opportunities Fair, and producing a free annual Get Involved magazine about volunteering and volunteer opportunities. KCR also speaks to groups about volunteering, connects with the media, participates as a volunteer centre leader with Volunteer BC and Volunteer Canada, and lead a Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge in their region. Some of the learning opportunities KCR hosts include a four-day Overview of Volunteer Management course, monthly lunch hour Nourishing Managers of Volunteers sessions, and topical workshops throughout the year.

How did your organization celebrate Canada’s 150 celebration?

KCR: We have participated in the national Advisory Committee in the planning of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge and lead our own challenge in our region. We also organized media spots through local newspapers, radio, television, and social media, and provided volunteer recognition materials for non-profits. Kelowna also succeeded in being the leading nation for the first six months of the Canada 150 for 150 Volunteer Challenge.

What does Canada’s 150 celebration mean to you?

KCR: The cumulative effect of celebrating Canada’s 150 stimulates a deeply felt appreciation for being born Canadian. It’s a time to reflect upon and embrace our national culture. Many additional opportunities exist for engaging in wholesome activities that improve individual, family, and community growth and development. Canada’s 150th means being engaged and engaging with others.


Volunteer Centre Highlight: Volunteer Kamloops

Volunteer Centre Highlight: Volunteer Kamloops

Edith Farrell , centre, at Volunteer Kamloops 30th Anniversary (1)       Volunteer Appreciation Lunch with awards 2017 (1)

Left: Volunteer Kamloops staff + volunteers getting ready for 30th Anniversary Celebrations.
Right: Tracey Thacker, Link Program Coordinator with volunteers celebrating National Volunteer Week.

Since 1985, Volunteer Kamloops has been a source of opportunities and training for people in the community of Kamloops interested in volunteering. They are the advocates for volunteers and believe in the value of volunteer service in their community.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Tracey Thacker, Volunteer Kamloops’s Link Program Coordinator some questions about what Volunteer Kamloops contributes to the community.

Which community does your volunteer centre work with?

Volunteer Kamloops: We serve the over 90,000 people in the area of Kamloops. We also occasionally serve the people in Chase and Barriere over the phone.

What is your role as a volunteer centre?

Volunteer Kamloops: We are a centre that primarily focuses on recruitment and referral of people. Volunteer Kamloops presents the benefits of volunteering to the community at Thompson Rivers University to international students. We also meet with students in grades 8 – 12 at school presentations and share how valuable volunteering is in developing one’s resume, building citizenship and references, and learning how to network.

What programs and support do you provide to volunteers in your area?

Volunteer Kamloops: At our volunteer centre, we offer two types of programs. The Focus Program supports people who are suffering with mental illness through volunteerism. The Link Program supports volunteers in the community who want to help with special events, fundraising and specific programs. The Link Program also works with people in the Restorative Justice Program or on probation who need community service hours.

How is your organization celebrating Canada’s 150 celebration?

Volunteer Kamloops: We are supporting organizations who are celebrating Canada 150 and also giving away Canada 150 pins.

What does Canada’s 150 celebration mean to you?

Volunteer Kamloops: I am proud to be a Canadian who is able to serve and volunteer to help the people in my community.

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Volunteer Centre Highlight

Volunteer Centre Highlight

Volunteer Campbell River is a non profit organization that helps people and projects come together

Established in 1988, the Campbell River Volunteer Society has grown and flourished from a person answering a home phone to a vibrant, community not-for-profit agency that supports over 100 organizations. They recruit and place volunteers with member agencies. provide training, consultation services and offer community engagement programs.

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