Culturally Welcoming Volunteer Program (CWVP)

What is it?

The CWWP program is for anyone who wants to create welcoming and inclusive environments for volunteers, potential volunteers with attention to immigrants new to volunteering in BC.

Who is it for?

This program is designed to support Coordinators of Volunteers, Executive Directors, boards and volunteers to create welcoming and inclusive environments for all volunteers and potential volunteers with particular attention to immigrants new to volunteering in BC.

What does a Culturally Welcoming Volunteer Program make possible for you, your organization and in your community?
  • Gain the skills to recruit and manage volunteers who are new to Canada with confidence and success!
  • Learn where to go and how to ask new immigrants to volunteer,
  • Build volunteer roles that work for immigrants and for the organization,
  • Handle cross-cultural differences in management and supervision, and
  • Be inspired by stories of success.
How can I participate?

Participants rate this program extremely valuable. They implemented action plans in their workplaces. Here are some examples:

“Make others feel welcome. Have more involvement with other cultures in the community to show you care.”

“Make our organization more inviting by including signage in various languages.”

“In the next six months I plan to use what I learned in the program in my workshops that I will be holding for immigrants. I will work with the volunteer coordinator to try and implement some more in depth training for future volunteers.”

“Get involved with other agencies in the community to get more diverse volunteers.”

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For findings on best practices in engaging new immigrants in volunteer programs and hiring to the non-profit sector – click here for full report.

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