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Volunteer Now

Our online volunteer posting and recruitment tool.

Want to Volunteer?

Volunteer Now offers a one-stop-shop for volunteering. Search and apply for multiple volunteer opportunities. Browse and register with a free account.

Looking for Volunteers?

Post positions on Volunteer Now for effective & efficient volunteer recruitment.  Must be a Volunteer BC member in good standing to use.

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Already a member? Not sure if you are in good standing?
Email admin@volunteerbc.bc.ca to check your status.

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Questions? Email us at admin@volunteerbc.bc.ca.

Why don’t I see any volunteer opportunities?

Positions are posted as they become available. Please be patient as it may take time for organizations to add new positions.

I forgot my Volunteer Now password, how do I retrieve it?

On the login page, first click on “Forgot Your Password?” Click “Reset Password” and an email with further instructions will be sent to your email address.

Want to use Volunteer Now as a stand-alone system?

Volunteer Centres are eligible to opt in for a stand-alone volunteer recruitment system with their own sub-domain (ie. subdomain-bcvolunteer.ca)

Volunteer Canada will support/fund the system and help with data transfer.

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