Edith Farrell , centre, at Volunteer Kamloops 30th Anniversary (1)       Volunteer Appreciation Lunch with awards 2017 (1)

Left: Volunteer Kamloops staff + volunteers getting ready for 30th Anniversary Celebrations.
Right: Tracey Thacker, Link Program Coordinator with volunteers celebrating National Volunteer Week.

Since 1985, Volunteer Kamloops has been a source of opportunities and training for people in the community of Kamloops interested in volunteering. They are the advocates for volunteers and believe in the value of volunteer service in their community.

We recently had the opportunity to ask Tracey Thacker, Volunteer Kamloops’s Link Program Coordinator some questions about what Volunteer Kamloops contributes to the community.

Which community does your volunteer centre work with?

Volunteer Kamloops: We serve the over 90,000 people in the area of Kamloops. We also occasionally serve the people in Chase and Barriere over the phone.

What is your role as a volunteer centre?

Volunteer Kamloops: We are a centre that primarily focuses on recruitment and referral of people. Volunteer Kamloops presents the benefits of volunteering to the community at Thompson Rivers University to international students. We also meet with students in grades 8 – 12 at school presentations and share how valuable volunteering is in developing one’s resume, building citizenship and references, and learning how to network.

What programs and support do you provide to volunteers in your area?

Volunteer Kamloops: At our volunteer centre, we offer two types of programs. The Focus Program supports people who are suffering with mental illness through volunteerism. The Link Program supports volunteers in the community who want to help with special events, fundraising and specific programs. The Link Program also works with people in the Restorative Justice Program or on probation who need community service hours.

How is your organization celebrating Canada’s 150 celebration?

Volunteer Kamloops: We are supporting organizations who are celebrating Canada 150 and also giving away Canada 150 pins.

What does Canada’s 150 celebration mean to you?

Volunteer Kamloops: I am proud to be a Canadian who is able to serve and volunteer to help the people in my community.

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